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Tresco Radar Overlay

Product Name:Tresco Radar Overlay
Product Description:
Type:ECS, Inland Navigation
Current version number:
Year of current version:2013
Software solution:N
Combined software/hardware solution:Y
Operating system:Windows XP, Windows 7
Hardware requirements:Certified radar PC
Functions for on board use of SOLAS vessels:N
Functions for leisure market:N
Derivatives available for shore based use:Y
All official data formats accepted:N
Additional accepted data formats:S-57 ENCs S-100 ENCs Tresco ENCs
Compliance and approvals:CCNR: Inland ECDIS Standard, RTCM: ECS software specification
Type approval:Inland ECDIS navigation mode, FVT, 2008
Integration:ARPA targets, Radar video overlay, Integrated tracking functions for radar targets, AIS targets, MKD (Minimum Keyboard Display) functions for connected AIS receiver, Integrated solution of double installation for common data management
Additional functions 
Map projection adjustable:Y
Head up display:Y
Relative motion display of AIS and radar targets:Y
Integrated sailing directions database:N
Trial manoeuvre mode:N
Tidal calculations overlay:N
Weather overlay:N
Conning display:Y
Online help functions:Y
User interface in multiple languages:Y
General print functions:N
Print functions of ISM-required route planning documents:N
Max. number of NMEA0183 serial interfaces:8
Max. number of NMEA 2000 CAN Bus serial interfaces:0
Max. number of analogue interfaces:0
Special interface for gyro compasses:N
Possibility of secondary displays:Y
Documentation in multiple languages:Y
24/7 Provision of chart data service:N
Remote wireless maintenance:Y
More information 
Distinguishable features:

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Supplier Information
  • Tresco

  • Kribbestraat 24
  • 2000 Antwerpen
  • Belgium



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