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CT Tide

Product Name:CT Tide
Year of Initial Development:2001
Weight in air [kg]:1.40
Length [m]:0.250
Width [m]:0.200
Height [m]:0.115
Max depth [m]:250
Battery type:Gel Battery
Battery duration [hr]:720
External body material:Polypropylene-copolymer; Stainless Steel
Type of pressure sensor:Stainless Steel; Piezo Resistive (Titanium optional)
Additional air pressure sensor:
Other additional sensors:Weather Station
Data characteristics 
Depth resolution [%FS]:0.010
Depth uncertainty [%FS]:0.10
Time resolution [s]:0.10
Clock bias [s/day]:
Min. measurement interval [s]:0.100
Data recording and retrieval 
Max. recording capacity [10^6]:42
Filtering applied:
Direct on site data access:
Type of data cable for direct access:RS232
Max. depth for direct access [m]:
Direct remote data access:
Type of telecommunication for remote access:GSM, GPRS, UHF
Max. distance for remote access [m]:20000
Data format:
Connector:IP68 Lemo
Communication protocol:Digital
Data display 
Data display via third party software:
Data display via dedicated hardware:
Software functions 
Software name:Tide Display
Raw data editing:
Air pressure correction:

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Supplier Information
  • CT Systems

  • de Wieken 6
  • 1777 HT Hippolytushoef
  • Netherlands



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