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Product Name:GeoExpress
Product Description:LizardTech’s GeoExpress software compresses massive geospatial images and LiDAR data into high-quality MrSID files that can be opened and viewed immediately. Your 100MB image file becomes a 5MB file with the same high resolution quality. And, the MrSID file type is supported in all geospatial platforms, so there’s no need to spend money on additional formatting software or constant updates.
Year of Introduction:1999
Year of last update:2017
Supported hardware :Desktop, Laptop, Server
User definable operations and extensions:SDK, Command Line
Other input data supported:Raster, Multispectral, Hyperspectral
Classification in general 
Max. number of bands:255
Ancillary data integration :N
Sub-pixel classification:N
Training sample selection:N
Accuracy assessment:N
Pixel-based classification 
Unsupervised classification:N
Supervised classification:N
Vegetation index:N
Principal component analysis:N
Object-based classification 
Line extraction:N
Region growing segmentation:N
Multiresolution image segmentation:N
Multiscale approach:N
Geometric processing 
Correction models:Y
Cartographic projections:Y
Ortho-image generation using DEM:N
Geometric accuracy assessment :N
Radiometric and image processing 
Radiometric corrections:N
Spatial convolutions:N
Image transforms:Y
Morphological operations :N
Filtering of radar imagery:N
Manual removal and addition of points; lines; polygons:N
Addition of text and symbols:N
Overlay with map data:N
Main users :DoD, Aerial data providers, Government agencies, Oil and Gas, Utilities providers, Mining
Main applications:Geospatial image and LiDAR compression; mosaicking; reprojection; cropping; color balancing
Distinguishable features:Reduces storage costs by compressing images to a fraction of their original size with the MrSID or JPEG 2000 formats.

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Supplier Information
  • LizardTech

  • 1008 Western Avenue - Suite 403
  • 98104 USA Seattle, WA
  • United States of America



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