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Product Name:miniIPS
Description:The miniIPS is a precision underwater pressure sensor; 0.01% accuracy, a titanium housing and a choice of pressure ranges make it a cost effective solution for offshore engineers, vehicle pilots, and other operators who require highly accurate depth information in real time. The miniIPS is also compatible with Valeport\\\\\\\'s MIDAS BathyPack and BathyLog software, allowing the depth data to be continually updated for Density variations in the water column.
Year of Initial Development:2007
Weight in air [kg]:1
Length [m]:0.185
Width [m]:0.04
Height [m]:
Max depth [m]:6000
Battery type:N/A
Battery duration [hr]:0
External body material:Titanium
Type of pressure sensor:Keller Piezo Resistive
Additional air pressure sensor:N
Other additional sensors:N/A
Data characteristics 
Depth resolution [%FS]:0.001
Depth uncertainty [%FS]:0.01
Time resolution [s]:
Clock bias [s/day]:
Min. measurement interval [s]:1
Data recording and retrieval 
Max. recording capacity [10^6]:
Filtering applied:Y
Direct on site data access:N
Type of data cable for direct access:RS232, RS485, USB
Max. depth for direct access [m]:1500
Direct remote data access:Y
Type of telecommunication for remote access:RS232, RS485
Max. distance for remote access [m]:1500
Data format:ASCII, RS232, RS485
Communication protocol:8-1-N-N
Data display 
Data display via third party software:N
Data display via dedicated hardware:N
Software functions 
Software name:Datalog X2
Raw data editing:N
Air pressure correction:N

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Supplier Information
  • Valeport

  • St. Peters Quay
  • TQ9 5EW Totnes
  • Devon
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland



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