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Phase One iXU 150

Product Name:Phase One iXU 150
Description:Phase One aerial cameras are designed as the central hub in an open aerial data acquisition system, enabling users to choose “best-of-breed” components to complement the Phase One systems. The iXU-RS cameras are also made in 80 MP, 60 MP and 60 MP achromatic CCD versions for users looking for a standalone camera, or an array of multiple cameras.
Year of introduction:2014
Last update:2014
Data storage 
Type of storage:flash card, SSD
Storage capacity [GB]:1 terabyte
Storage Replaceable:Y
Camera unit Weight [kg]:0.750
Camera unit Length [m]:0.110
Camera unit Width [m]:0.93
Camera unit Depth [m]:0.974
Power requirements:12-30 V DC 10 W
Type of GNSS/ INS positioning system:Compatible with most popular systems
On board image storage format(s):RAW and inflight process to TIFF, JPG
Type of mission planning software:Compatible with any
Type of postprocessing software:Capture One, iX Capture included with camera
Sensor Characteristics 
Number of lenses:1
Lenses: focal lengths [mm]:28 mm, 55 mm, 80 mm, 110 mm, 150 mm, 240 mm
Lenses: interchangeable:Y
Pixel size [µm]:5.3
Dynamic range [bits]:14
CCD simultaneous:Y
CCD along track format [mm x mm]:43.8 x 32.9
CCD along track format [pixel x pixel]:6208
CCD across track format [mm x mm]:43.8
CCD across track format [pixel x pixel]:8280
Max. integration time [s]:
Max. shutter speed [s]:0.000625
Data collection rate [megapixel/s]:
Max. across-track FOV [deg]:43.5
Operation Characteristics 
Min. flying height [m]:100
Typical flying height [m]:1000
Max flying height[m]:10000
Max. acquisition duration [h]:No limitation
Warm-up time [s]:0
Forward motion compensation:N
In flight pre-view:Y
Temperature controlled pod:N
Precision [pixels]:
Geometric calibration:Y
Radiometric calibration:Y
Training facilities:Y
Main applications :UAV and light aircraft use; Corridor Mapping; Photogrammetric Mapping over large areas; Nadir Orthophotography; LiDAR Augmentation; Oblique Imagery; emergency/disaster response; tactical/security mapping; remote sensing; commercial ortho production; Remote Sensing; Coastal; Forestry; Agriculture
Distinguishable features :Lightest and smallest integrated digital medium format aerial camera,

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