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GraviProbe 2.0

Product Name:GraviProbe 2.0
Product Description:The GraviProbe is a free fall impact instrument, analyzing the underwater sediment layers during intrusion. Under its own weight it accelerates and penetrates fluid and consolidated mud layers. The geotechnical and density conditions of the soil layers are determining the probe’s dynamical behavior. The data acquired from on-board accelerometers, inclinometers and pressure sensors is feeding a dynamical model which determines the geotechnical parameters of the intruded medium (depth, undrained shear strength and dynamic cone penetration resistance). As a result the GraviProbe is able to very accurately distinguish the depth of the fluid mud and consolidated mud layers, even in gassy environments. The high sensor data acquisition rates of up to 2kHz in combination with a low drag housing results in the highest quality profiles at drop rates over 7 m/s. Due to its light weight the probe can be operated manually from a small vessel, platform or quay and is limiting the operational costs. The GraviProbe Rheology provides tip resistance and shear strength. The GraviProbe Soil is similar to the GraviProbe Rheology but has a conus extension to penetrate hard an stiff sediment layers.
Product type:Free fall penetrometer
Components to be used in combination with product :GPS
Year of initial development:2010
Application:High Resolution
Max power consumption [W]:2
Power type:DC
Transducer weight [kg]:0
Transducer length [m]:1
Transducer width [m]:0.1
Transducer height [m]:0.1
Weight of logging unit [kg]:8
Length of logging unit [m]:0.9
Width of logging unit [m]:0.05
Height of logging unit [m]:0.05
Portability of logger:Portable
Mode of operation 
Platform type:Side Mounted
Operating System:Other
Min. depth of operation [m]:4
Max. depth of operation [m]:150
Min. frequency [Hz]:
Max. frequency [Hz]:
Signal composition:
Power output [W]:0
Max. resolution [m]:0.01
Max. penetration [m]:6
Max. pulse rate [Hz]:0
Max. pulse length [s]:0
Dynamic range [dB]:0
Heave corrected:Y
Pitch corrected:Y
Roll corrected:Y
Data Processing 
Data displayed :Acceleration (m/s²) Velocity (m/s) Dynamic Undrained Shear Strength (Pa) Static Undrained Shear Strength (Pa) Dynamic Cone Penetration Resistance (Pa)
Main use:Classification of mud and soil layers Determination of nautical depth High accurate layer thickness measurement Calculating dredging volumes Characterizing echo sound and acoustic data Complementary soil analysis during CPT and core sampling
Data output :Processed by GraviProbe software or uploaded in other survey software.
Data output for seafloor classification:Y
Internal logging:Hard drive
Post-processing:GraviProbe software or dotOcean Atlantis (web-based platform) or other programs.
Integration in work process 
Remote operation:Y
External heave input:N
External roll input:N
External pitch input:N
External positioning input:Y
Marking of events:Y
Real time coupling to survey software:Y
Coupling to post-processing software:Y

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Supplier Information
  • dotOcean

  • Gistelsesteenweg 294, b205
  • 8200 Brugge
  • West-Flanders
  • Belgium



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