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FGM3D Three Axes Fluxgate Magnetometer

Product Name:FGM3D Three Axes Fluxgate Magnetometer
Year of introduction:2012
Typical applications:Geophysics Arcaeology Lab Science Vulcanology Ofsshore Scans UXO detection Offshore Cable Tracking Pipe detection
Sensor Characteristics 
Type of sensor:Fluxgate
Absolute accuracy [nT]:0.015
Resolution [nT]:100000
Min. operating range [nT]:0
Max. operating range [nT]:100000
Gradient tolerance [nT/m]:
Sensitivity [nT]:0.1
line for gradient (nT/m) :
Min. sampling rate [Hz]:200
Max. sampling rate [Hz]:3,000
External trigger possible:Y
Min. operating temperature [°C]:-20
Max. operating temperature [°C]:75
Voltage [V]:10
Power [W]:26mA
Length [m]:0.3
Width [m]:0.04
Height [m]:0.04
Weight in air [kg]:0.5
Weight in water [kg]:
Max. depth [m]:2000
Towfish mounting:Fixed, Towed
Voltage [V]:
Power [W]:
Tow cable  
Max. length [m]:
Breaking strength [kg]:
Diameter [m]:
Weight in air [kg/m]:
Weight in water [kg/m]:
Cable termination replacable in field:
Supported data formats :ascii
Compatible software:SENSYS software an any thrid party which data acq. unit can handle analogue sensors.

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