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Product Name:MiniSAR
Year of introduction :
Year of last update:
Onboard Unit Features 
Unit Width (cm):80
Unit Height [cm]:60
Unit Depth [cm]:40
Weight [kg]:20
Power requirements:250 W max (18-32 V DC)
Positioning System 
Inbuild positioning system:
Brand of positioning system:
Sensor Characteristics 
Sensor arrangement/method:Linear
Number of bands:1
Frequency in P band (> 300 MHz):
Frequency in C band (4-8 GHz):
Frequency in X band (8-12ghz):9.6
frequency in K-u band (12-18 GHz):
frequency K-a band (27-40 GHz):
Azimuth resolution:adjustable (max 1m)
Range resolution:adjustable (max 1m)
Time of flight:Y
Signal strength :
Phase :Y
Additonal sensors 
Infrared camera:No
UV Camera:No
Digital Camera:No
Video Camera:No
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms (e.g. Helicopter, fixed wing):UAV\'s, aircrafts, helicopters
Min. flying height [m]:
Max. flying height [m]:7000
Min. stroke width [km x km]:
Max. stroke width [km x km]:
Data storage 
Type of storage:
Disc capacity [GB]:
Number of discs:
Exported file formats:
Type of mission planning software:
Type of postprocessing software:
Application and use 
Training facilities:
Main applications: Defence agencies - Intelligence - Public adminitrations
Distinguishable features: Moving taget detection - Real-time imaging and hardware monitoring - During-flight control - Automatic aircraft attitude stabilization - Compact and portable - Low power - All weather, day and night capabilities.

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