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3 Metre buoy

Product Name:3 Metre buoy
Product Description:
Type:Moored buoy
Year of last update:2017
Year of introduction :1987
Length [m]:3
Width [m]:3
Height [m]:3.4
Weight [kg]:1500
Draft [m]:
Antenna/mast height [m]:3.4
Hull material:non-magnetic marine grade 5086 aluminium
Structure Material:The superstructure is manufactured of marine grade aluminium (6061-TS)
Power Supply  
Battery type:Sunlyte 4 or 8 x 100 Amp-hour sealed, valve-regulated, lead-acid batteries.
Solar panels:Yes
Solar panels description:Fully solar powered. 3 x 55 Watt solar panels, or 6 x 55 Watt solar panels.
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:85
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:-40
Deployment methods:
Min deployment depth [m]:20
Max deployment depth [m]:1000
Min weight of mooring:
Max weight of mooring :
Max wave conditions [m]:30
Anti-fouling systems:Marine grade epoxy
Max operating time:
Water variables sensors 
Water depth:Yes, optional
Max. depth rating of sensors :
Water temperature:Yes, optional
Water salinity:Yes, optional
Water turbidity:Yes, optional
Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM):No
Dissolved oxygen:Yes, optional
Chlorophyll:Yes, optional
Underwater radiance:Yes
Sound Velocity:Yes, optional
Other sensors or additional information:CTD, Expandable to allow new sensors
Wave and tide variables sensors 
Wave frequency:Yes
Wave height:Yes
Wave period:Yes
Wave direction:Yes
Current speed:Yes
Current direction:Yes
Other sensors or additional information:Expandable to allow new sensors
Atmospheric and solar variables 
Air temperature:Yes, Optional
Air humidity:Yes, Optional
Barometric pressure:Yes, Optional
Wind speed:Yes, Optional
Wind direction:Yes, Optional
Solar radiation:Yes, Optional
Other sensors or additional information:Expandable to allow new sensors
Positioning and navigation 
GPS sensor:Yes
Radar reflector:Yes
GPS description:A Skywave IDP-690 Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite transceiver is used for GPS data, time synch, and back-up telemetry.
Navigation lights:Yes
Navigation lights description:IALA standard lamp: light meets international regulations
Other sensors or additional information:Compass, AIS transponder, Expandable to allow new sensors
Communication and data 
Data logger description:WatchMan500. The WatchMan500™ was designed with compatibility to any sensor, a modular design, low power requirements, and flexible I/O make the WatchMan500™ System Solution ideal for a large buoy operational network.
Web based control and tracking:Yes
Acoustic communication:Yes, optional
Iridium/Satellite communication:Yes, optional
Cellular comunication:Yes, optional
UHF/VHF communication:Yes, optional
Other sensors or additional information: INMARSAT IsatData Pro; IRIDIUM; GPRS/HSPA; CDMA/EVDO, VHF/UHF
Type of mission planning software:AXYS Data Management System (DMS)
Type of postprocessing software:AXYS Data Management System (DMS)
Application and use 
Training facilities:Yes, optional
Main applications :weather forecasting, climate studies, operations & safety, resource assessment, maritime safety and marine domain awareness, among others.
Distinguishable features :The expected service life of the 3 metre platform is in excess of 20 years; Survives extreme weather & wave conditions; Deployable year-round in shallow or deep ocean; Low operational costs;

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