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Workhorse Navigator DVL 300

Product Name:Workhorse Navigator DVL 300
Product Description:
Year of introduction:2002
System components:Navigator Full Suite of Capabilities: • Bottom track velocity • Water track velocity • Altitude: 4 individual measurements • Error velocity (data quality indicator) • Temperature • Heading/Tilt • Acoustic echo intensity
Physical Properties  
Width/Diameter [m]::0.2252
Length [m]:
Height [m]:0.2445
Weight in air [kg]:15.8
Weight in water [kg]:8.8
Housing material:Aluminum (Titanium option)
Min. operating depth [m]:3000
Max. operating depth [m]:6000
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms [ROV, submarines]:AUV, ROV, Towed Vehicle, Manned Submersible, Surface Vehicle
Mounting possibilities:Over-the-side mounting; in-vehicle mounting
Operating temperature min [°c]:-5
Operating temperature max [°c]:45
Storage temperature min [°c]:-30
Storage temperature max [°c]:75
Shock and vibration:
Min. external power DC [Voltage]:20
Max. external power DC [Voltage]:50
Max power consumption [W]:66
Average power consumption [W]:8
Number of concurrent power input ports:
Acoustic Specifications 
Number of transducers:4
Number of beams:4
Transducer type:Jannus array convex transducer
Max transmit power:
Frequency operating range min.[kHz]:
Frequency operating range max.[kHz]:
Vertical beam opening angle [°] :
Beam width [°]:
Individually replaceable transducers:Y
Water Velocity 
Velocity range [m/s]:10
Velocity resolution [mm/s]:1
Bottom Velocity 
Min. altitude [m]:1
Max. altitude [m]:200
Long term accuracy:±0.4% ±0.2cm/s
Single Ping precision:±0.4 cm/s
Current Velocity 
Min. layer/cell size [m]:
Max. layer/cell size [m]:
Minimum range [m]:1
Maximum range [m]:110
Long term accuracy:±0.4% ±0.2cm/s
Single ping precision :2.2cm/s
Velocity resolution [m/s]:0.001
Temperature, Depth and other sensors 
Internal INS/IMU:Y
Accuracy pitch and roll:0.5
Internal compass:Y
Accuracy compass:2
Temperature sensor:Y
Accuracy temperature sensor:
Pressure sensor :Y
Accuracy pressure sensor:
Other sensors:
Data Storage & Connectivity  
Communication [RS232, USB, Ethernet]:NMEA0183, ASCII or binary outputs at 1200-115,200 baud user-selectable; serial port is switch-selectable for RS232 or RS422
Connector type:Wet mateable
Data baud rates:115k
Number of possible concurrent outputs:
Concurrent output specifications:
Internal memory [Gb]:4
Type of internal memory:PCMCIA
Requires separate software:N
Software name:
Time stamp in data:
Trigger:1) ASCII; 2) RDS3; 3) low latency
More information 
Distinguishable features:• Broadband processing technology, providing users with both short and long-term high-precision velocity data • Reliable, accurate high-rate navigation and positioning data • Proven bottom detection algorithms, and single ping bottom location, for robust and reliable bottom tracking over indeterminate terrain • Superior low-altitude bottom tracking capability • Real-time current profiling data

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Supplier Information
  • Teledyne Marine

  • 1026 North Williamson Blvd.
  • 32114 Daytona Beach
  • Florida
  • United States of America



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