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OE15-110 General Purpose Monochrome Inspection Cam

Product Name:OE15-110 General Purpose Monochrome Inspection Cam
Product Desciption:The OE15-110 CCIR and OE15-111 EIA RS170A mini camera combines the customary high standards of constructional integrity with a level of performance previously unavailable in a camera of this size, making it ideally suited to general purpose inspection use. Applications Inspection Diver helmet mounting Dive bell mounting Tooling Manipulator wrist camera TMS monitoring Process and gauge monitoring
Year of introduction:2012
Console Hardware 
Console unit weight in air [kg]:
Console unit length [m]:
Console unit width/diagmeter [m]:
Console unit height [m]:
External Power supply [V]:
Power consumption [W]:
Operation time with fully charged battery:
Battery rechargeable during operation:
Unit Material:
Safety and certification compliance [ISO]:
Inbuild screen:
Camera Charactaristics 
Number of cameras:
Resolution [width × height]:
Resolution [TVL]:600
Minimum illumination / light sensitivity::
Build-in light:
Max optical zooming:
Max digital zooming:
Autofocus :N
Still image capable:N
Camera unit weight [kg]:0.365
Camera unit length [m]:0.1175
Camera unit width [m]:0.035
Camera unit depth [m]:4500
Frame rate (f/s):
Lens mount type:Fixed
Operation Characteristics 
Min operation temperature [celsius]:-5
Max operation temperature [celsius]:40
Max operation depth [m]:4500
Max acquisition duration [h]:
Live view:Y
Connectivity and User Interface 
Type of data storage:
Maximum data storage [mb]:
File formats:
USB ports:
SD card:
Other ports:
Input ports:
OS compatibility (Windows/MAc/Linux):
Software included:
Software name:

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