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OceanStar Data Buoys

Product Name:OceanStar Data Buoys
Product Description:
Type:Moored buoy
Year of last update:2016
Year of introduction :2007
Length [m]:1.0
Width [m]:.60
Height [m]:.60
Weight [kg]:30
Draft [m]:.25
Antenna/mast height [m]:0
Hull material:HDPE
Structure Material:HDPE & Stainless Steel
Power Supply  
Battery type:Li, SLA or Alkaline depending on application and endurance required
Solar panels:Optional
Solar panels description:marine solar panels
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:0
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:50
Deployment methods:depending on size, from 2-man RIB to vessel with A-Frame
Min deployment depth [m]:5
Max deployment depth [m]:100
Min weight of mooring:100kg
Max weight of mooring :500kg
Max wave conditions [m]:3
Anti-fouling systems:HDPE construction is fouling resistant, optional UV system for instruments
Max operating time:unlimited, determined by sensor maintenance requirements
Water variables sensors 
Water depth:optional
Max. depth rating of sensors :500m
Water temperature:optional
Water salinity:optional
Water turbidity:optional
Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM):optional
Dissolved oxygen:Yes
Underwater radiance:optional
Sound Velocity:optional
Other sensors or additional information:PAR, ADCP, PAM , Dissolved Oxygen
Wave and tide variables sensors 
Wave frequency:optional
Wave height:optional
Wave period:optional
Wave direction:optional
Current speed:optional
Current direction:optional
Other sensors or additional information:can be integrated with a wide range of sensor types. Sensors can be mounted on buoy, suspended mid-water or on sea-floor.
Atmospheric and solar variables 
Air temperature:Optional
Air humidity:Optional
Barometric pressure:Optional
Wind speed:Yes
Wind direction:Optional
Solar radiation:Optional
Other sensors or additional information:optional compact weather station mounted on buoy
Positioning and navigation 
GPS sensor:Yes
Radar reflector:optional
GPS description:onboard GPS for maintaining watch circle
Navigation lights:Optional
Navigation lights description:solar powered 2nm
Other sensors or additional information:Optional integrated AIS. Optional silent mooring for acoustic monitoring applications.
Communication and data 
Data logger description:Intel Dual/Quad core 8GB DDR3, PCLE/104 Terabyte Data Serial RS232 standard
Web based control and tracking:Yes
Acoustic communication:optional
Iridium/Satellite communication:Yes
Cellular comunication:optional
UHF/VHF communication:optional
Other sensors or additional information:Inductive modem option
Type of mission planning software:client specified
Type of postprocessing software:client specified
Application and use 
Training facilities:optional
Main applications :Marine water quality monitoring Metocean data acquistion Dredge plume monitoring Subsea noise monitoring Marine mammal detection
Distinguishable features : Award winning Oceanstar system enables near real time data acquisition from sensors on seabed or in water column

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Supplier Information
  • Fastwave

  • 60 - Coghlan road
  • 6018 Subiaco
  • Australia



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