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Explorer DVL - Piston

Product Name:Explorer DVL - Piston
Product Description:
Year of introduction:
System components:Introducing the EXPLORER Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) offering precision navigation solutions designed for your littoral to mid-depth endeavors and ideally suited for your small lightweight vehicles and/or low power/long endurance applications. Explorer’s innovative design consistently delivers high accuracy, precision Doppler navigation and current profiling capability, in a compact package designed to meet the stringent weight and power constraints of today’s next generation vehicles. Remote or self-contained, shallow water or deep, the Explorer family of DVLs has a navigation solution ideally suited for your unique system requirements. Explore the possibilities with the multiple external sensor drivers included as well as an optional ntegrated PNi TRAX AHRS IMU.
Physical Properties  
Width/Diameter [m]::0.143
Length [m]:0.369
Height [m]:0.143
Weight in air [kg]:4
Weight in water [kg]:0.5
Housing material:
Min. operating depth [m]:1000
Max. operating depth [m]:4000
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms [ROV, submarines]:AUV, UUV, ASV, ROV, Submarines, Recovery vehicles, surface vessel, diver navigation, catamaran, sailing boat, UMV, manned vehicles, unmanned vehicles, autonomous boat, remote controlled boats, Military Marine Platforms, Offshore Submersibles, Scientific Research Vehicles, Commercial Vessels, Commercial & Military Divers, towfish, manned submersibles Applications: Autonomous Waypoint Navigation of UUV’s Station Keeping for ROV’s - Mid Water-column Sation Keeping (MWSK) Velocity Feedback for Vehicle Control Dynamic Positioning Dead Reckoning - Tracking of route traveled (UUV, Diver, ROV, Surface Vessel) Stabilization of platforms for Hydrographic Survey and Imaging (Side Scan) Obstacle Avoidance Terrain Following Diver Waypoint Navigation
Mounting possibilities:Clamped to vehicle or integrated inside in its OEM form for custom applications. The ExplorerDVL OEM can fit inside a mini AUV of 4inches in diameter without compromising performance.
Operating temperature min [°c]:-5
Operating temperature max [°c]:40
Storage temperature min [°c]:-25
Storage temperature max [°c]:60
Shock and vibration:
Min. external power DC [Voltage]:12
Max. external power DC [Voltage]:24
Max power consumption [W]:12
Average power consumption [W]:2
Number of concurrent power input ports:
Acoustic Specifications 
Number of transducers:
Number of beams:4
Transducer type:
Max transmit power:
Frequency operating range min.[kHz]:
Frequency operating range max.[kHz]:
Vertical beam opening angle [°] :30
Beam width [°]:
Individually replaceable transducers:Y
Water Velocity 
Velocity range [m/s]:12
Velocity resolution [mm/s]:0.1
Bottom Velocity 
Min. altitude [m]:0.5
Max. altitude [m]:66
Long term accuracy:+/-0.5%+/-0.2cm/s
Single Ping precision:+/-1cm/s
Current Velocity 
Min. layer/cell size [m]:0.1
Max. layer/cell size [m]:8
Minimum range [m]:1.33
Maximum range [m]:25
Long term accuracy:+/-0.5%+/-0.2cm/s
Single ping precision :+/-2.3cm/s
Velocity resolution [m/s]:0.001
Temperature, Depth and other sensors 
Internal INS/IMU:Y
Accuracy pitch and roll:0.2
Internal compass:Y
Accuracy compass:2
Temperature sensor:Y
Accuracy temperature sensor:
Pressure sensor :N
Accuracy pressure sensor:
Other sensors:Drivers available for external sensors: •MagneticCompass •Pressure •SpeedofSound •CTD •EchoSounder •GPS •Temperature • NMEA Heading,Pitch and Roll
Data Storage & Connectivity  
Communication [RS232, USB, Ethernet]:4: combination of RS232 and RS422
Connector type:Wet mateable
Data baud rates:115k
Number of possible concurrent outputs:1
Concurrent output specifications:
Internal memory [Gb]:
Type of internal memory:
Requires separate software:
Software name:
Time stamp in data:Yes
Trigger:Trigger IN and OUT
More information 
Distinguishable features:• Phased array transducers deliver increased performance at a reduced size, weight, and profile • Piston array transducers deliver increased depth rating, reduced size, weight, and profile • Compact design ideally suited for nextgeneration littoral platforms • Self-contained or remote configuration options available to meet your needs • Flexible design facilitates easy communication with other sensors • Teledyne RDI’s proven bottom-tracking algorithms ensure data quality, reliability, and unmatched performance • Upgradable to include ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling) capability

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Supplier Information
  • Teledyne Marine

  • 1026 North Williamson Blvd.
  • 32114 Daytona Beach
  • Florida
  • United States of America



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