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Thetis Profiler

Product Name:Thetis Profiler
Product Description:The Thetis Profiler is a submersible vertically profiling platform for use in coastal marine and fresh water environments. The purpose of the platform is to sample the water column distributions of physical, biological, chemical and optical properties at a fixed geographical location over extended periods of time.
Type:Moored buoy
Year of last update:
Year of introduction :2014
Length [m]:0.7875
Width [m]:0.7875
Height [m]:2.12
Weight [kg]:159
Draft [m]:
Antenna/mast height [m]:2
Hull material:6061-T6 Aluminum
Structure Material:6061-T6 Aluminum, Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, Acetal, HDPE
Ballast:10 kg (25 lb) net buoyancy
Power Supply  
Battery type:Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Solar panels:No
Solar panels description:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:0
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:40
Deployment methods:Ship
Min deployment depth [m]:3
Max deployment depth [m]:100
Min weight of mooring:Deadweight anchor recommendations: Use a single lump of steel. Weight in air should be 45 to 60 kg (100 to 130 lb). (In water, steel weighs about 78% of its weight in air.)
Max weight of mooring :All-chain anchor recommendations: Use 12 m (40 ft) of 16 mm (5/8”) galvanized steel chain. This will weigh about 6 kg/m (4 lb/ft) in air. Weight in water will be about 4.7 kg/m (3.1 lb/ft). Assuming your profiler is 9 kg buoyant, it will lift 1.9 m of chain off the bottom under static conditions. When a wave orbital pulls the profiler up, it will gradually pull additional chain from the bottom. As the orbital passes, the excess chain will gently return the profiler to an equilibrium position. Actual chain weight will vary depending on the grade. Verify chain weight per length with your chain supplier.
Max wave conditions [m]:5
Anti-fouling systems:
Max operating time:Depends upon Instrument payload, depth, and profiling period.
Water variables sensors 
Water depth:Yes
Max. depth rating of sensors :350
Water temperature:Yes
Water salinity:Yes
Water turbidity:Yes
Chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM):Yes
Dissolved oxygen:optional
Underwater radiance:optional
Sound Velocity:optional
Other sensors or additional information:Base System Instruments: SBE49 (CTD), ECO-BBFL2w, PAR. Base System: Frame and flotation, winch, morring controllor, Battery pack, GPS & antenna, strobe. Software: Host, file processor, mission planning
Wave and tide variables sensors 
Wave frequency:optional
Wave height:optional
Wave period:optional
Wave direction:optional
Current speed:optional
Current direction:optional
Other sensors or additional information:
Atmospheric and solar variables 
Air temperature:No
Air humidity:No
Barometric pressure:No
Wind speed:No
Wind direction:No
Solar radiation:No
Other sensors or additional information:
Positioning and navigation 
GPS sensor:Yes
Radar reflector:
GPS description:
Navigation lights:Yes
Navigation lights description:Orange colored strobe beacon for nighttime surfacing.
Other sensors or additional information:Sea-Bird Scientific Sensors: ECO, ac-s, C-Star, radiometers, SBE49, SUNA V2, SBE 43/63 Nortek Aquadopp
Communication and data 
Data logger description:Custom designed data logger and controller.
Web based control and tracking:
Acoustic communication:No
Iridium/Satellite communication:optional
Cellular comunication:optional
UHF/VHF communication:Yes
Other sensors or additional information:The base profiler comes with Freewave UHF line-of-sight communications. Cellular and Iridium communications are optional (where laws allow). Only one type of communication can be installed on the profiler.
Type of mission planning software:Windows 7 and newer interface
Type of postprocessing software:Windows 7 and newer interface
Application and use 
Training facilities:Yes, optional
Main applications :The Thetis Profiler is a submersible vertically profiling platform for use in coastal marine and fresh water environments.
Distinguishable features :• Modular, self-contained, winch-driven profiling platform • Integrated control, power, and telemetry systems • Full suite of available physical, chemical and biological sensors

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