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Eclipse: Autonomous Mapping System

Product Name:Eclipse: Autonomous Mapping System
Description:The Teledyne Optech Eclipse is an autonomous airborne system focusing on operatorless data collection on low-cost platforms. Eclipse is designed specifically for the efficient data collection of smaller project areas and corridor applications, requiring only a pilot for navigation. Eclipse combines an eye-safe, high-performance, 1.5-micron laser with a high-accuracy automatic imaging system for effortless collection of high-resolution lidar data and imagery via its innovative sensor motion detection system. Lidar and image data are captured on a single removable SSD cartridge for fast and efficient data transfer to Optech Lidar Mapping Suite (LMS).
Year of introduction:2016
Year of last update:2016
Total weight [kg]:36.6
Power requirements:<200 W
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:POSAV AP40
Camera:integrated electroic camera (29 MP)
Data storage facilities:removable SSD
Mission planning software:Yes
Postprocessing software:Lidar Mapping Suite
Laser Pulse Characteristics 
Wavelength [nm]:1550
Standard pulse length [ns]:2
Pulse length variation [ns]:0
Beam divergence [mrad]:0.4
Type/class laser:Class I
Eyesafe range [m]:10
Measurement Characteristics  
Scanning method :Rotating polygon
Scan frequency [Hz]:140
Min. pulse frequency [Hz]:450000
Max. pulse frequency [Hz]:450000
Max. field of view [deg]:60
Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse:7
Full-wave form digitization:N
Pulse sampling frequency [GHz]:0
Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]:12
Multiple pulses in air:Y
Uncertainty and resolution 
Pitch and roll pointing precision [deg]:0.008
Heading pointing precision [deg]:0.020
Elevation precision at 1 km [m]:0.05
Planimetric precision at 1km [cm]:18
Across-track point spacing at 1km [m]:0.5
Operation Characteristics 
Platform:Helicopter, Fixed-wing, Gyroplane
Min. flying height [m]:10
Max. flying height [m]:1000
Max. acquisition time [hr]:6
Main applications:corridor; small-area; asset management; rapid response; agriculture; forestry; mining
More information 
Distinguishable features :One-button operation; No training required; Fully-automatic; Eye-safe; Single processing platform; Fully-supported with comprehensive warranty options

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