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UXO Marine

Product Name:UXO Marine
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2013
Year of latest version:2016
Area of Application:Building on two decades of experience, UXO Marine is high performance software for marine magnetic data. It is used to locate and assess munitions (UXO) as well as cables and pipelines and other buried hazards. UXO Marine provides specialized tools to process and visualize magnetometer and gradiometer data for effective detection and analysis of targets in marine site investigation surveys. It is designed for marine surveyors working with individual sensors and multi-sensor arrays, as well as multiple gradient and horizontal gradient gradiometers. • Easily process large volumes of magnetic data • Map magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) data • Perform quality assurance and quality control • Effectively locate and analyze UXO and other targets • Optimize seabed survey planning and reporting
Field of Use:UXO Marine for Oasis montaj helps to convert magnetic data into accurate target detection, mapping, and analysis. Used by contractors globally for geophysical surveys using magnetic and gradiometer data to find and analyze unexploded ordnance (UXO) as well as other buried seabed targets such as cables and pipelines. Data corrections, target picking, target prioritization and mapping are all provided.. Based on US Army Corps of Engineers requirements for over 20 years as well as evolving industry requirements, particularly to support rapidly growing wind farm infrastructure needs.
Languages Supported:English, Chinese, Russian
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [GB]:4
HD [GB]:2
Processor (CPU):Best:Multi-core Intel i5 or i7,AMD A10, FX CPU
Operating System:Windows; v10 (64-bit) recommended.
Dedicated hardware:Not required; recommendations on website.
Dedicated software:Geosoft Oasis montaj core platform
Supported Sensors 
Horizontal magnetic gradiometer:Y
Vertical magnetic gradiometer:Y
Electromagnetic systems:N
Ground penetrating sonar:N
Additional sensors:Any geospatial data is supported for integration.
Software Capabilities 
Data formats:ASCII, Binary, ESRI, numerous others.
QA/QC Tools:Y
QA/QC reports:Y
Navigation corrections :Y
Sensor array positioning:Y
Data processing :Y
Drape height corrections:Y
Automated target picking:Yes, from maps (grids) or profile data.
Manual target picking & editing:Y
Target analysis:Y
Automated modelling:Y
Interactive modelling:Y
Advanced UXO classification:N
More information 
Distinguishable features :UXO Marine provides the industry leading, comprehensive workflow for detecting and analyzing UXO targets from magnetic and gradiometer surveys.

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