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MOSS Marine Operation Survey System

Product Name:MOSS Marine Operation Survey System
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2016
Year of latest version:2016
Area of Application:Portable Multi Purpose measurement device.
Field of Use:Marine, Offshore, Salvage, Civil. Options to measure Motion, Roll, Pitch, Draft, Pressure, Depth, Temp etc
Languages Supported:English
Hardware/software requirements 
Operating System:embedded
HD [GB]:1
Processor (CPU):
Dedicated software:Y
Power Supply  
Power supply (internal/external with specs):Internal battery and external net-power
Battery capacity:90 Wh
Operating current {A}:0.24
Connectivity (ports) 
Voltage [V]:
Frequency {Hz}:
Serial {e.g. RS232}:
mA input:4x
Optional ports:1x
Physical Properties  
Housing material:Rugged hardplastic case
Weight in air [kg]:4.5
Length [m]:0.3
Height [m]:0.27
Width [m]:0.2
Operating properties 
Data flow:Both
Depth rating {m}:0
Output data format:serial
Sampling rate (fixed or adjustable):adjust
Other specifications 
Data storage (internal):1G
Data storage (external):16G USB stick
Additional capabilities:Easy to change operational mode with different measurement programs and setups. Functionality can be changed by operator in the field.
Stand alone mode:Y
More information 
Distinguishable features :Rugged multi tool to measure all kind of sensors. Easy to operate and to chenge functionality.

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