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GEMS; Prec. Ag. multispectral camera

Product Name:GEMS; Prec. Ag. multispectral camera
Product Description:
Year of last update:2016
Year of introduction :
Type:Photo Camera
Power consumption:9-40V DC: connect to UAV battery
Depth [mm]:8.89
Height [mm]:
Width [mm]:12.7
Weight [gr]:170
Humidity resistance:
Water sand and dust proof:
Sensor Characteristics 
Type of sensor:Dual 1.3MP CMOS; global shutter time synchronized
Focal length of available lenses [mm]:
Lens aperture:
Sensor size [pixels X]:
Sensor size [pixels Y]:
Sensor size [mm X]:
Sensor size [mm Y]:
Pixel size [micrometre]:
Color image size [Megapixels]:1.3
Max. shutter speed [s]:
Number of spectral bands:4
Spectral bands :R, G, B, NIR
Spectral bands wavelengths:Red centered at 615nm bandwidth FWHM = 114nm, Green centered 553nm FWHM = 101nm, Blue centered 450nm FWHM = 101nm, NIR centered at 810nm FWHM = 135nm. (Custom filters available upon request)
Pixel size on the ground [specify height and GSD]:5.1 cm at 400 ft
Max. across-track FOV [deg]:
Data / System Support 
Dynamic range [bits]:
Post-processing for collected raw images:Yes
Image data formats:Geo-tiff, CSV
Supported positioning methods:Domain GNSS
Camera tilts are captured:Yes
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:GPS L1,
Compatible systems to capture exterior orientation:GPS active antenna provided with GEMS kit. Min requirements 28dBi gain active antenna with SMAmale connector
Data storage 
Type of storage:SanDisk Extreme 32GB USB jump drive (provided)
Storage Replaceable :Y
Storage capacity [Max. mb]:32000
interfaces:USB, GPIO
Precision [pixels]:
Geometric calibration :Geo-loc. Acc. 3-5m (1.5cm with markers)
Radiometric calibration:
Operation Characteristics 
Min. flying height [m]:
Max flying height [m]:
Exposure trigger from mission planning software:Yes
Mounting included:Optional
Mounting possibilities:The GEMS payload enclosure is designed for basic protection from the elements. Enclosure features include: 4 anti-vibration (standard GoPro) pads for securing enclosure to the bottom of your platform. Custom clip for the jumpdrive to secure to the side of the enclosure for easy access after flight. Slightly recessed optical lenses for protection of the GEMS sensor on landing. Airflow vents for proper cooling of the internal electronics
Processing Software included:Yes
Recommended photogrammetric processing software:GEMS software Tool
Lenses and Sensors 
Irradiance sensor:Yes
Exchangeable lens:N
Available lenses:
Additional specifications 
Main applications :Precision Agriculture, Forestry
Distinguishable features :GEMS is a 2-camera standalone low SWAP UAV subsystem. It allows any UAV or Remote Controlled, fixed wing or rotory vehicle, to fly and collect precision camera imagery. The sensor payload is completely standalone and provides precision navigation and GPS data. The system integrators dream-just plug it in and fly! Does not need integration with external sensors to mosaic images. Provides mosaiced RGB, NIR, and NDVI aerial imagery.

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