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Product Name:MMC5883MA
Product Description:The MMC5883MA is a complete 3-axis magnetic sensor with on-chip signal processing and integrated I2C bus suitable for use in various applications. The device can be connected directly to a microprocessor, eliminating the need for A/D converters or timing resources. It can measure magnetic fields within the full scale range of 8Gauss (G), with 0.25mG per LSB resolution at 16bits operation mode and 0.4mG total
Year of introduction:2016
Typical applications:Electronic Compass & Navigation Position Sensing General Purpose Magnetic Field Measureme
Sensor Characteristics 
Type of sensor:
Absolute accuracy [nT]:40
Resolution [nT]:25
Min. operating range [nT]:800000
Max. operating range [nT]:800000
Gradient tolerance [nT/m]:
Sensitivity [nT]:
line for gradient (nT/m) :
Min. sampling rate [Hz]:100000
Max. sampling rate [Hz]:600000
External trigger possible:
Min. operating temperature [°C]:-40
Max. operating temperature [°C]:85
Voltage [V]:2.5
Power [W]:
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight in air [kg]:
Weight in water [kg]:
Max. depth [m]:
Towfish mounting:
Voltage [V]:
Power [W]:
Tow cable  
Max. length [m]:
Breaking strength [kg]:
Diameter [m]:
Weight in air [kg/m]:
Weight in water [kg/m]:
Cable termination replacable in field:
Supported data formats :
Compatible software:

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Supplier Information

  • One Tech Drive - suite 325
  • Ma 01810 Andover
  • Massachusetts
  • United States of America



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