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WaveGuide Direction

Product Name:WaveGuide Direction
Product Description:
Year of initial development:2012
Year of latest version:2017
Operating System:Linux - dbian
Area of Application:Offshore wind farms (transformator platforms and wind turbines) Offshore oil & gas platforms, Coastal defense.
Field of Use:Used for measuring wave direction, wave height and tide for optimizing weather windows in offshore operations and increase safety.
Languages Supported:Radac message format, SESAM, FGTI
Output parameters:Heave, S0bh, Hm0, Czz10, Th0, Tmax, Hmax, and more
Type of wave recorder:Radar
Direction wave or non-directional:Direction wave
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Dedicated software:N
Processor (CPU):
Operating system:
Data provided / logged, :raw data, statistical, spectral analysis
Power supply and communication 
Power supply (internal/external with specs):24-64 VDC, 22,8 W
Operating current :
Output interface {eg. rs232}:RS232, Ethernet
Analogue output:
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:36
Weight in water [kg]:
Width [cm]:26
Length [cm]:27
Housing material:stainless steel
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-40
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:60
Pressure sensor 
Type of sensor :
Range :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Temperature sensor 
Type of sensor :
Range :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Compass sensor  
Type of sensor :
Range :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Current sensor  
Type of sensor :
Accuracy :
Resolution :
Operating properties 
Max. depth rating [m]:
Output data format:ASCII
Sampling rate:5 Hz
Number of samples:
Deployment depth {m}:
Other specifications 
Additional sensors:
Additional capabilities:
More information:

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Supplier Information
  • Radac B.V.

  • Elektronicaweg 16b
  • 2628 XG Delft
  • Netherlands



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