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4-Band Multispectral Solution

Product Name:4-Band Multispectral Solution
Description:Phase One's 4-Band multispectral solution incorporates an innovative batch-processing tool that automates and thus simplifies the four band aerial image generation process. Adding a fourth band of near infrared (NIR) image data to three band colour (RGB) image data yields multispectral information that is very useful in vegetation studies -- in applications ranging from crop metrics for optimization, to vegetation health, environmental contamination and city observations for green site monitoring. The solution is composed of two synchronized Phase One metric aerial cameras mounted side by side on a specially designed base plate, a Phase One iX Controller and Phase One iX Capture software. Images are captured in NIR and RGB bands simultaneously, and processed automatically to generate distortion-free images and perform fine co-registration of the pixels from NIR to the RGB images – including processing different image sizes – with seven different output options, including multispectral CIR images.
Type:Multispectral imaging
Year of introduction :2016
Year of last update:2017
Camera Controller 
Length [m]:0.29
Width [m]:0.225
Height [m]:0.109
Weight [kg]:4.6
Power requirements:28 V DC
Type of data storage:File
Disc capacity [GB]:2000
Number of discs:2
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:Supports any NMEA system. Supports several leading systems in event mode
Camera Unit 
Camera unit Length [m]:0.18
Camera unit Width [m]:0.09
Camera unit Height [m]:0.09
Camera unit Weight [kg]:1.68
Power requirements:10W
Multi- & Hyperspectral Sensor Characteristics 
Numer of spectral channels:4
Spectral resolution [nm]:
Most narrow wavelength captured [nm]:410
Most wide wavelength captured [nm]:830
Type of CCD or CMOS:na
Image resolution:Up to 11608 x 8708MP
Field of View Horizontal [deg]:
Field of View Vertical [deg]:
Observation angle [deg]:
Focal length of available lenses [mm]:32 to 240
Aperture:depends on lens F/28-F/-22
Sensor arrangement/method:one sensor
Pixel size [µm]:4.6
Dynamic range [bits]:16
Frame rate (f/s):2
Thermal Sensor Characteristics 
Min. temperature sensing [°C]:
Max. temperature sensing[°C]:
Accuracy of temp. measurement:NA
Sensor temperature resolution[°C]:
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms (e.g. Helicopter, fixed wing):Helicopter, Fixed wing. Lightweight and compact: easy to install in small aerial platforms
Min. flying height [m]:0
Max. flying height [m]:30000
Min. operation temperature [°C]:-10
Max. operation temperature [°C]:+40
Export data formats :tiif, jpeg
Type of mission planning software:not included
Type of postprocessing software:iX Capture
Application and use 
Training facilities:optional
Main applications :Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental Monitoring & Research. With the increasing demand for combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery, for applications such as crop analysis for growth optimization, vegetation health and environmental contamination as well as projects including city observation for green site monitoring.
Distinguishable features :Phase One has developed a fully automatic solution for capturing and processing 4-Band multispectral imagery, using two high-resolution, Phase One aerial cameras, specifically designed for the photogrammetric airborne market. The software automatically generates distortion-free images and performs fine co-registration of pixels from the NIR to the RGB images, including processing different image sizes. 1 frame = 0.6s

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