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iXU-RS 180

Product Name:iXU-RS 180
Product Description:Phase One cameras offer reliability and versatility for users looking for a full-featured medium format aerial camera. Easily integrated into existing or new setups, the camera offers maximum connectivity with systems.
Year of last update:
Year of introduction :
Type:Photo Camera
Power consumption:12 W Max.
Depth [mm]:97.4
Height [mm]:93
Width [mm]:110
Weight [gr]:930
Humidity resistance:15 to 80% (non-condensing)
Water sand and dust proof:
Sensor Characteristics 
Type of sensor:CMOS
Focal length of available lenses [mm]:32, 40, 50, 70, 90, 110, 150
Lens aperture:
Sensor size [pixels X]:10328
Sensor size [pixels Y]:7760
Sensor size [mm X]:53.7
Sensor size [mm Y]:40.4
Pixel size [micrometre]:5.2
Color image size [Megapixels]:80
Max. shutter speed [s]:0.0004
Number of spectral bands:3
Spectral bands :R, G, B
Spectral bands wavelengths:
Pixel size on the ground [specify height and GSD]:
Max. across-track FOV [deg]:
Data / System Support 
Dynamic range [bits]:
Post-processing for collected raw images:Yes
Image data formats:Phase One RAW, TIF, JPG, CIR and NDV
Supported positioning methods:Domain GNSS, GNSS PPK
Camera tilts are captured:Yes, Optional
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:Applanix, NovAtel, IGI, GGS, NMEA Devices
Compatible systems to capture exterior orientation:All Phase One aerial cameras have predefined settings for the most popular GNSS receivers and have the ability to write the IMU/GNSS data directly to the EXIF of each file, creating geotagged images and thus reducing the chances of error.
Data storage 
Type of storage:SSD, CompactFlash card
Storage Replaceable :Y
Storage capacity [Max. mb]:1048576
interfaces:USB 3.0; Secured power input (LEMO); Camera trigger; Mid-exposure pulse; Camera status; iX Link
Precision [pixels]:
Geometric calibration :Y
Radiometric calibration:Y
Operation Characteristics 
Min. flying height [m]:
Max flying height [m]:
Exposure trigger from mission planning software:Yes
Mounting included:No
Mounting possibilities:
Processing Software included:
Recommended photogrammetric processing software:
Lenses and Sensors 
Irradiance sensor:No
Exchangeable lens:Y
Available lenses:32 mm f/4.0, 40 mm f/4.0, 50 mm f/4.0, 70 mm f/5.6 1, 90 mm f/5.6, 110 mm f/4, 150 mm f/5.6
Additional specifications 
Main applications :
Distinguishable features :The new RS Lens shutter was designed especially for the tough demands of aerial imaging. It uses an innovative direct drive concept with electronic charging that enhances exposure speed as fast as 1/2500s, guaranteeing half a million exposures - a record breaking capture rate and life span longer than ever seen before.

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