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GNSS Compass Serial - High Accuracy Version

Product Name:GNSS Compass Serial - High Accuracy Version
Product Description:The GNSS Compass is a low cost all in one GNSS/INS navigation and heading solution. It provides accurate dual antenna GPS based heading that is not subject to magnetic interference and can maintain accurate heading during GNSS outages of up to 20 minutes. It features high accuracy RTK positioning and is plug and play with NMEA0183, NMEA2000 and Ethernet interfaces.
Type:Land, Marine, Aerial
Year of introduction :2017
Height [mm]:73.9
Width [mm]:672
Depth [mm]:190
Weight {kg}:1.46
Housing material:Polycarbonate - Lexan EXL9330
Operating power: min. [V]:9
Operating power: max. [V]:36
Typical consumption [W]:2.64
Internal power supply:NA
External power supply:NA
Operating time with internal power supply [hr]:NA
Performance general 
Receiver type:Trimble MB-Two
Signal receiver:GPS L1, L2 GLONASS G1, G2 GALILEO E1, E5b BeiDou B1, B2
Max. velocity [m/s]:500
Max. altitude [m]:50000
Compass safe distance (cm):
Update Rate [Hz]:20
Rate of Turn max. (° / s):
Time-to-First-Fix (Cold/Warm start):
Time-to-First-Fix (Hot start):500 ms
Performance positioning 
Horizontal position accuracy:0.8m 0.008m with RTK
Horizontal position accuracy (w/SBAS):
Vertical position accuracy:1.5m 0.015m with RTK
Vertical position accuracy (w/SBAS):
Performance heading 
Heading accuracy RMS (w/ 0.5 m baseline) (°):0.2 (fixed baseline)
Heading accuracy RMS (w/ 1 m baseline) (°):0.2 (fixed baseline)
Heading accuracy RMS (w/ 2 m baseline) (°):0.2 (fixed baseline)
Heading accuracy RMS (w/ 5 m baseline) (°):0.2 (fixed baseline)
Pitch/Roll accuracy RMS (°):0.4
Heave Accuracy RMS (cm):5
Serial ports:2
USB ports:0
Baud rates:2400 to 1M
Correction I/O protocol:RTCM
Data I/O protocol:NMEA0183 NMEA2000 AN Packet Protocol TSS1 Simrad
Timing output:1PPS
More information 
Distinguishable features :- Wheelmark certified navigation and heading solution. - Fully integrated INS - NMEA, 1PPS, TSS and proprietary protocols - RTK optional

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